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Auto Dealers

Floorplan Xpress is your trusted partner in working capital. Fueling growth and expanding opportunities for auto dealerships in over 30 markets since 1974.

Why Choose Floorplan Xpress to Fill Your Lot?

At Floorplan Xpress, we understand that each auto dealer is exceptional and deserves a personalized approach to floor plan financing, enabling you to achieve your unique business goals.

Every auto dealer is unique. We take a personal approach to floor plan financing, helping local dealers reach their goals.

Floor Plan Financing
Starting at $50,000 and Up.

Unlock industry-leading solutions with Floorplan Xpress.

At Floorplan Xpress, we understand the importance of preserving your cash flow. That’s why we provide unparalleled financing options that allow you to be flexible. With Floorplan Xpress, you can experience peace of mind, reduce stress, and concentrate on what truly matters – the thriving success of your dealership.

Manage Your Account from Anywhere
with the Floorplan Xpress App

Floorplan Xpress App Features:

• Make Payments
• View Titles
• Manage units
• Process Transfers

Experience the convenience of accessing all your financing and inventory needs at your fingertips, empowering you to stay organized and in control. Streamline your financing and inventory with Floorplan Xpress.

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Dealers Breathe Easier with Floorplan Xpress

Great floor plan! We have been using them for about 3 years now. The staff is very friendly, personal, and up-front about fees, interest, and curtailment. Floorplan Xpress is probably the only floor plan financing we will use since they offer everything we need out of a floor plan and they are local to many areas, so that’s always a plus. If you have any questions or concerns to discuss, they are there!

– Dale T.