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Terms and Conditions: Each Applicant Party hereby authorizes Floorplan Xpress, LLC-OK (“Floorplan Xpress”), to (1) obtain and share credit and other information relating to such Applicant Party from and with credit bureaus, financial institutions, trade creditors, affiliates, and others, and to conduct such credit investigations as Floorplan Xpress, in its sole discretion, deems necessary; (2) obtain such Applicant Party’s consumer credit report, and expressly ratifies any consumer credit report or other materials that may have been obtained by or on behalf of Floorplan Xpress prior to the date hereof; (3) contact any third parties to disclose any information that may now or hereafter be in Floorplan Xpress’ possession, including information contained in this application and in any financial statements or other materials provided or obtained in connection herewith, for purposes of, among other things, assessing the credit worthiness of such Applicant Party, collecting any outstanding debt owed by such Applicant party, or obtaining intercreditor, subordination, or similar agreements; and (4) disclose the information contained within this application and on any financial statements or other materials provided or obtained in connection herewith to any subsidiaries, affiliates, or parent companies of Floorplan Xpress. Upon request by Applicant, Floorplan Xpress will provide the name of the Credit Reporting Agency that was contacted to supply the credit report/ information the Applicant. Applicant acknowledges that as an individual there are various Federal and/or State laws such as the “Fair Credit Reporting Act” that control the issuance or use of “consumer reports” and/or “investigative consumer reports” by creditor. Applicant understands it is not obligated to provide creditor this authorization to review such “consumer reports” and/or other materials.” However, Applicant voluntarily agrees that such reports can be released to Floorplan Xpress so that it will consider Applicant’s application.
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